Anita Hill Believes Feminists Can Learn From Angry Men

Pictured above is Kerry Washington from the upcoming HBO film, ‘Confirmation’ about Anita Hill.   Anita Hill, who is no stranger to to public criticism and hatred, has the opposite idea for female writers who have been told “Don’t read the comments”. In a recent interview with Broadly, the professor and attorney, and subject of… Continue reading Anita Hill Believes Feminists Can Learn From Angry Men


One Year After Freddie Gray

Following Gray’s death, who died due to breaking his neck in a police van, there were protests and riots that damaged 400 businesses and helped to stoke the Black Lives Matter flame (a movement to challenge the way police treat minorities).  “The causes of the civil disturbance in Baltimore last year have not been eliminated,”… Continue reading One Year After Freddie Gray


Tasha Cobbs, Gospel Singer, Believes the Black Church Can Help Depression

“I think when you say ‘mental health,’ automatically people think ‘I’m not crazy,’ because we haven’t put a definition to exactly what we’re saying,” she said. “I believe when you say ‘it’s a mental health issue,’ it’s like having diabetes or something’s wrong with my toes or whatever the case is — it’s a medical condition and it can be dealt with…”